• Spacious Loft-Style Office Space in Downtown Montreal

    Located in the heart of downtown Montreal, this impressive loft-style office space is the perfect place for your business. With its modern design and plenty of natural light, this space is sure to inspire your team and impress your clients.

    You can see 4,500 sf and you could get from 1,000 to 18,200 sf.


    Open-concept design with high ceilings and large windows
    Modern finishes and fixtures
    Fully equipped kitchenette and bathroom
    Central air conditioning and heating
    Elevator access
    Secure building with intercom system


    Prime location in downtown Montreal
    Close to public transportation, including metro and bus lines
    Walking distance to a variety of cafes, restaurants, and shops
    Easy access to major highways and the airport
    Contact us today to schedule a viewing and take your business to the next level!
    For info/a visit Henri Cousineau

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    Office space for lease Montreal

    We also have a deal at 460 Sainte Catherine west, downtown Montreal quartier des spectacles

    About loft style office space for lease downtown Montreal
    Experience the Perfect Work Environment in Downtown Montreal’s Loft Style Office Spaces

    Are you tired of the traditional, uninspiring office spaces that stifle your creativity and productivity? It’s time to elevate your work environment and embrace the vibrant and innovative atmosphere of loft style office spaces in downtown Montreal. With their unique blend of modern design and industrial charm, these spaces offer a refreshing alternative for businesses seeking a creative and inspiring workplace.

    One of the standout features of loft style office spaces is their high ceilings. Unlike conventional offices with low, claustrophobic ceilings, loft spaces boast soaring heights that create a sense of openness and freedom. The spaciousness allows for innovative interior designs and facilitates the integration of collaborative areas, breakout zones, and even mezzanines, providing opportunities for creative thinking and team collaboration.

    Another distinctive characteristic of loft style office spaces is the use of wood or epoxy floors. These stylish and durable flooring options add warmth and character to the space while also providing easy maintenance. The natural tones of wood floors or the sleek, polished look of epoxy floors create a welcoming and professional ambiance that sets the stage for success.

    One cannot ignore the abundant natural light that floods into loft style offices through the generous windows. With large, expansive windows that stretch from floor to ceiling, these spaces are bathed in sunlight, offering a refreshing departure from the typical fluorescent-lit cubicles. Natural light has been proven to enhance productivity, boost mood, and improve overall well-being, ensuring that your team remains energized and focused throughout the day.

    The location of loft style office spaces in downtown Montreal is yet another advantage that sets them apart. Situated in the heart of the city, these offices provide easy access to a myriad of amenities, making it convenient for both employees and clients. Moreover, the close proximity to the metro, REM, and train stations ensures seamless connectivity and hassle-free commuting for everyone. This prime location is particularly appealing to businesses that value convenience, accessibility, and the ability to attract top talent.

    Beyond their physical attributes, loft style office spaces offer a unique atmosphere that inspires creativity and innovation. The combination of the industrial aesthetic and modern design elements creates a trendy and dynamic setting that resonates with the entrepreneurial spirit. The exposed brick walls, ductwork, and beams serve as a reminder of the building’s rich history while providing a backdrop for modern and eclectic interior design choices.

    Furthermore, the open floor plans that are typically found in loft style offices encourage collaboration and teamwork. The absence of restrictive cubicles fosters a sense of community, enabling employees to interact more freely and exchange ideas. This collaborative environment stimulates creativity, leading to increased productivity and the generation of innovative solutions.

    In conclusion, loft style office spaces in downtown Montreal offer a breath of fresh air in the world of corporate environments. With their high ceilings, wood or epoxy floors, ample natural light, and convenient location, these spaces provide an ideal setting for businesses looking to create a productive and inspiring workplace. By embracing the unique atmosphere of loft style offices, you’ll set the stage for success, foster creativity and innovation, and attract top talent to drive your business forward. Experience the difference today and unlock your team’s full potential in Montreal’s vibrant loft style office spaces.

    For info/a visit Henri Cousineau

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  • Office for rent downtown Montreal
    Full floor available with views on 4 sides of downtown Montreal
    Parking in the building.
    1000-24,818 pc available for rent
    Direct access to metro
    For more info/visiting
    When you’re ready, get the list of office space to rent
    Henri Cousineau
    Henri @ espaces-a-louer.com
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  • Here’s the video of the 3 nicest loft style office spaces we’ve seen this spring.

    High ceilings

    One space has 2 floors (very nice)

    Wooden or epoxy floors

    Huge windows with ample natural light

    Central air

    Get the list of loft style office space Henri@Espaces-a-Louer.com

    We have also up to 22,664 sf available office space on Saint Laurent

    Your space is too small or too big? we can help you sublease it



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  • Our visit for 2000 sf of loft style office space on St-Laurent boul.

    In this video, you see 2000 sf but you could get up to 21,000 of loft style office space in the same building

    As a tenant of this space you will enjoy the natural light, the beautiful views of Montreal, the central air, the proximity of the metro, the indoor parking and much much more.

    For more information/a visit
    Henri Cousineau

    Your space is now too small or too big, we can sublease your space fast

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  • Gorgeous loft style office space plateau

    See our visit of a gorgeous loft style office space on le plateau Mont Royal.
    Here you can see 3,500 sf but you could get 1.000 up to 22,000 sf
    Stop and imagine yourself in some time from now as a tenant enjoying this breathtaking views of the mountain and looking back to they day you decided to visit this place as the beginning of it all.
    11′ high ceilings
    Epoxy floors
    Huge fenestration and lots of natural light
    Central air
    Glass walls (see nice conference room)
    See French version of this ad

    Loft style office space old Montreal

    Loft style office space downtown Montreal

    For more information/a visit
    Henri Cousineau
    Your space is now too small or too big, we can sublease your space fast


    Downtown Montreal saw a surge in activity during the summer of 2021.

    The return of the student and tourist population has been a
    injection of vitality. A sharp rise in sales
    and the resale of condos further indicates that the
    downtown retains its appeal.

    The data is taken from the report of the urban development institute
    of a web survey conducted at the beginning of the month of
    September 2021 with 1,000 residents of the
    Montreal metropolitan area.

    Interviews were carried out with expert rental brokers
    office space to better distinguish trends in commercial real estate
    and more particularly the office space in downtown Montreal

    The current vacancy rate of 10.9% of buildings
    of class A is equal to that of the third quarter of 2018.
    The rate of class B buildings is a little bit higher.

    Downtown retains its appeal, according to several brokers
    experts in office space for rent in downtown Montreal, offering a
    privileged look at trends in the office buildings sector.
    Their observation is clear: if we could fear for a moment a massive exodus from the city center, it is not. Businesses are keen to stay downtown.

    They point out that:
    84% of renewals were for short terms from 3 to 5 years

    Full time teleworking is loosing speed.
    No less than 77% of survey respondents were partially or totally working from home
    in the first quarter of 2021.

    There is, however, a appreciable decrease in the number of people
    who are totally teleworking. This ratio has slipped
    below 50% (47%) in the third quarter of 2021

    In general, the return to the office is carried out slowly, which is moreover in accordance with
    the wish of Public Health.

    We see that over the period
    between the first and the third
    quarters of 2021, the number of people working in an organization that had announced a hybrid mode
    has progressed.

    As for flexible working hours, it is envisaged
    in many organizations like
    a way to facilitate a certain return
    at work, but the manner remains to be specified in many cases

    Almost half of the people
    surveyed (47%) work in companies
    where the spaces will have been redeveloped in anticipation
    back to the office.

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